April 18, 2016 Just Created Design Co.

Choose faith, in spite of the facts!

Not so green fingers!

Whist having a recent sort out of the plants on my kitchen window sill, it seems that this last winter has taken its toll on the very few plants that I manage to keep almost alive. I have four plants that I have managed to keep alive for longer than a week!

The Orchid

The record holder for life on the window sill, is the orchid. Inherited from my late mother-in-law, the orchid has been a very easy plant to maintain (much like my late mother-in-law!) It’s never watered, pruned and very rarely talked too, but for the last 7 years has stayed alive. At times it has been in all its blooming glory, but mostly has been in a withered stick like state. There have been many times that I have been tempted to throw it out but because of where it came from and with the reassurance of my grandmother’s words of wisdom “if you just leave it, one day it will burst back into life!”  And sure enough it has never failed.

The old mothers plant

Proudly in second place comes the old mothers plant. This was bought for me by my very thoughtful daughter one mothers day about 4 years ago. From the moment I received it I am ashamed to say I was very ungrateful. I had my heart set on a lovely bunch of flowers and the vase already prepared!  In walks my 5 year old daughter with what I can only describe as an old ladies plant!!! Now it is well known that I’m not a plant lover and definitely not green fingered. The plant looked like something my grandmother would buy from the supermarket because it was reduced!!! It was truly an eyesore!! And not very glamorous. Within days the flowers where gone and for the last 3 years has remained just a boring green leafed plant that refuses to die despite my neglect!

The anointed lavender

In third place is the anointed lavender. The lavender is anointed because it was given as a gift from a Christian conference so was labelled immediately as been blessed and anointed. In the two years that I have had it it has faired quite well for my standards. But the last winter has really taken it toll and I’m now battling to keep the last remaining leaves alive.

The beanstalk of patience

The latest edition to the window sill is the bean stalk. A few weeks ago my daughter was given a bean at Sunday School and was told that it would take lots of patience to grow. I was not entirely thrilled to place a plastic cup with soil and a bean on my beloved window sill. However much to my surprise and although through deliberate neglect and absolutely not one ounce of patience, within days the bean began to grow!! Within a week it was too big for the plastic cup so was potted into a larger container and now only a few weeks later reaches the top of the window and has flowers budding!

Today,  I have the latest edition know affectionately as “the new plant” (because I don’t actually know what it is called). “The new plant” was received as an unexpected thank you and blessing as its beautiful pink flowers and even came covered in pink glitter!!! So, whilst having my spring clean I made the following decisions. Keep the orchid and the beanstalk, throw the old mothers plant and the lavender. If I could learn any lessons from my plants they would be this…

Sometimes things that seem dead need to be kept, because one day when you least expect it it they will burst back to life.

Get rid of the old (although precious) to make space for the new.

Don’t hold onto or live in the old blessing or anointing when it is dead and gone. Move on and look for the new blessings in life. 

Sometimes what you think will take time and patience just happens naturally if you are in the right environment.