March 10, 2017 Just Created Design Co.


This year there has been a sudden acceleration and I have experienced unexpected favour in my design business. Although its great to be suddenly ‘living in the blessing’ there is also be a feeling of being completely unprepared and overwhelmed.

Life Seasons

For the last 10 years my main focus and season in life has been that of a wife and mother. This season has been amazing and it has been an honour to nurture and be the homemaker. But as my daughter has grown less dependant on me I increasingly felt over the last few years that it was time to think about what I wanted in life.

Heart & Soul

I wanted to be and do something completely different with what was expected of me. I was willing to step out and go with my heart and passion. My God given creative gifting and passion led me to design.


Although I have been on this journey for 3 years now, the last year is when I really started to seriously pursue my ambitions. Last year was a great year of establishing myself, but with that came many struggles, frustrations and setbacks. At times, I would ask ‘is this ever going to happen?’ And now it is happening ‘why am I so overwhelmed and why did I have to go through all these struggles to get where I am today!’

Be Thankful

So, maybe I just need to stop for a moment and just be thankful.


Thankful not only for this season of blessing, but thankful for the struggles that have brought me to this place and the strength to persevere with my heart and passion.

Be thankful for your blessings and

never doubt your struggles.

Don’t ask why it happened,

just be thankful for the

strength it gave you