February 8, 2016 Just Created Design Co.

Don't Stop Believing!

At this exciting time of setting up my new venture, I'm completely aware that more often than not, I have to believe in what I'm trying to achieve, long before I physically see any results! This is a massive learning curve for me. I would much rather sit all day creating and designing than trying to get to grips with building websites, setting up social media and dealing with technology that doesn't always work how you want it too. Why does my computer have the annoying habit of crashing just before you press the save button on hours of work!!!

Although at times this can be all very frustrating and I regularly feel I'm taking one step forward and two steps back, my passion seems the be the driving force that keeps me believing I can achieve what I'm attempting to do and google is most definitely your friend!

Each day I'm getting closer to achieving my goals (maybe not as quickly as i imagined!) but I'm now a firm believer in 'You have to believe it, before you see it!

Finally, to quote the famous Journey song "Don't Stop Believing!"